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USED Sewer Equipment 900 Combination Truck

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Jet-Vac Multihog Demo.jpg

USED 2016 Sewer Equipment 900 ECO PD (12-Yard) Sewer Cleaner w/ Hydro-Excavation Package


Approximately 1,100 Hours on Module
Hydro-Excavation Package
12 Cubic Yard Capacity Debris Body
Debris Inlet Water Misting System
Two (2) Duraprolene (1750-Gallons Capacity) Water Tanks
Positive Displacement (4400 CFM @ 18-inch Hg.) Vacuum Blower
Dual Cyclone Separator w/ Dual 10-Micron Final Filter
Triplex Plunger 80 GPM @ 2000 PSI Water Pump
Front Mounted Telescoping and Rotating Reel and Hose
600-ft of 1-inch Sewer Jetting Hose w/ 800-ft Capacity
8-inch Hydraulic Powered Telescoping 10-ft Extendable Vacuum Boom w/ 180-Degree Working Radius
Wireless Remote Control Pendant w/ Additional Wired Pendant w/ 35-ft Cord
Hydraulic Dump w/ 50-Degree Dump Angle
Dump Height 60-inches
Hydraulic Open/Close/Locking Dump Door
Debris Body Pump Off System
Liquid Level Gauge for Debris Tank w/ Audible Alarm
Sight Tubes on Water Tanks w/ Low Water Warning Light
Cold Weather Recirculation System w/ Air Purge Valve
Anti-Freeze System for Hydro-Excavation System
Two (2) Front Mounted Strobe Lights
Rear Strobe Bar
Rear Mounted Directional Arrow Board
LED Work Lights
One (1) Aluminum 24-inch x 36-inch x 96-inch Toolbox Behind Cab
Two (2) Aluminum 18-inch x 18-inch x 24-inch Toolboxes on Passenger Side
Two (2) Aluminum 18-inch x 18-inch x 24-inch Rear Toolbox
One (1) Aluminum Long Handle Rear Storage Box
Four (4) Toolboxes Mounted on Passenger Side
Additional Aluminum 18-inch x 18-inch x 30-inch Toolbox
One (1) Aluminum 12-inch x 12-inch x 14-inch Toolbox Front Bumper Mounted
Vacuum Tube Storage Rack on Passenger Side
Vacuum Tubes and Basic Jetting Nozzles Included

Jet-Vac Multihog Demo.jpg
Jet-Vac Multihog Demo.jpg
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