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Harben E180 Trailer Jetter Blue

Call for price

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Jet-Vac Multihog Demo.jpg

Harben E-180 High Pressure Water Jetting Unit to include all standard equipment and the following:
VIN# 1H9X15102KC122030
PUMP# 25633
375-gallon Water Tank
18gpm @ 4000psi
Kubota T4F Diesel Engine
10-gallon Anti-Freeze kit
Strobe Light LED
12-Volt Aux Outlet
Kubota Engine Parts & Operation Manuals
Water Selector Valve w/Detent and Speed Control
Set of (2) Chrome Wheels
LED Trailer Lights
10) White Safety Disc
Jump Jet Kit
9" Drain Jet Extension
1/2" x 10' Orange Safety Leader Hose
2" Tiger Tail
Harben Blue
HE Drain Jet 3R1F
HE Drain Jet 6R
Manhole Light
2-1/2" Hydrant Fittings
Mark II Safety Handgun w/H.V. & Fan Jets
Handgun Holder
1/2" X 500' Sewer Hose, 4000psi
Fender Mounted Alum Tool Box
Harben 'P' Pump Manual
Harben Operating Instruction Manual
Harben 'P' Pump Service DVD

Jet-Vac Multihog Demo.jpg
Jet-Vac Multihog Demo.jpg
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