Multihog CX 75

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MultiHog CX75 to include: 75 HP (56 KW), Tier 4 final engine Cab heating, air-suspended driver seat and top-mounted road lights Permanent 4 wheel drive with positive drive lock Front 3 point linkage including mechanical adjustment of linkage rotation and float Joystick with front linkage lift function including float and a second double acting (D/A) hydraulic function to front 13 pin socket on front 3500 kg gross vehicle weight Manually adjustable heated mirrors & rotating beacon Mechanical top link, tipping rear & cab tilt Radio Standard orange RAL2011 panels 0-100L/M (0-26.4 gpm) to front In cab electronic PTO flow 2 LED work lights (front) 2 x DA lever valve block -required for 2 of: hydraulic tipping rear or hydraulic rotation of front linkage or high pressure carry over 35 L/min gear pump Additional D/A Valve to front (Total 2 D/A and lift for linkage) BFG All Terrain LT225/75/16 tyres with narrow mudguards Machine width 1235 mm (48.6") Combined cab heating & air conditioning Heated seat- heated base and back support Cab doors with opening windows - set of 2 (one per door) Standard drive Permanent 4 wheel drive lock (standard) Standard 3500 kg (7,716 lbs) gross vehicle weight 24 month/2000 hour parts and labor warranty on the machine Reversible fan LED amber flasher lights (set of 4) High temperature water hose running rear to front Tee connection to rear (maximum 2 x DA connections to rear) 100 litre (26.4 gal) tee connection from front to rear Reversing camera Upgrade: 2 x DA valves to front (3 x DA total) and 1 x DA valve to rear (1 x DA rear total)

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